Established in August 1985, Midwest Truck & Trailer, Inc. provides truck and trailer repairs and services. Headquartered in Evansville, IN, Midwest Truck & Trailer, Inc. continues to expand by building value added partnerships with customers.

Midwest Truck & Trailer, Inc. is a full-service repair facility specializing in meeting the evolving mechanical needs of businesses across the Tri-State area. 

 Midwest Truck & Trailer, Inc. is prepared to meet your company’s immediate and future mechanical needs. Our philosophy is simple: Listen to the customer, understand their needs and provide the best service possible.

 In today’s highly competitive and service oriented business environment, companies rely on their vehicles to be the primary link to their customers. For some, it can mean their very survival. Developing a relationship with a customer that you can trust and will help you build value is critical. From the beginning and today, Midwest Truck & Trailer, Inc. is built on the trust of our customers.

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